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Sunday, April 26, 2015

In the Kitchen

Yesterday at the Poetry Fest in the Chicago Library, Poets and Patrons sponsored a wonderful workshop called "Love Poems that Work!" We were given the following assignment. Think of a cliche and give it a twist, use at least 8 of the following words, (pretend, table, glimmer, flip, excuse,dishwasher, parakeet, Velcro, ghost and appetite), and write a poem in 8 minutes. My first thought was, "there's no way I'm able to do that!" but I tried anyway. Here is the result. Not my best work, but I did it!

In the Kitchen

You don't stand a ghost of a chance, unless that ghost is Abraham Lincoln.

The parakeet you gave me has no appetite.
I Vecro your excuse to the dirty dishes and
pretend the dishwasher is your coffin. I flip
the switch and no glimmer of love remains.

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