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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Diverse Interests

In today's Daily Herald, there is an article about a student who was a talented artist and also valedictorian. I believe the article was titled something like: good at art and everything else. This is not an unusual profile for a gifted student. Students who are good at everything find themselves pressured by teachers, coaches, parents and musical directors to dedicate themselves to only one thing. They see such talent and want to direct it into their chosen field. This creates somewhat of a dilemma for multiply gifted students. How do they decide what to do with their talents? What if they love to do something that is not one of their talents? I was blessed with a wonderful German teacher in high school who asked us to take some time to think about what we wanted to do with our lives and actually discuss it in class! Imagine how revolutionary that was in the 1960s, when most kids were following in the footsteps of their parents and the idea of having a job that you actually enjoyed was a far cry from reality. How do people decide what to do with their lives? I love the Parachute series. It really helped me when I had to make that decision as an adult. I had always been someone's kid, or someone's wife or someone's mother. Suddenly, I had to choose how I would spend the next twenty years. It was not easy. I was fortunate to be in a field that encouraged growth and my passion for technology in education was an asset. Now that I am retiring next June, I shall have to rethink this all over again. I believe there's a Parachute book for that, too.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Worlds of Wisdom and Wonder

It's just about time for my summer job to begin. I get excited about going to work at the Center for Gifted. The kids are happy to be there and want to learn what I am teaching. They take whatever I teach them and go to new heights with it. The staff treats me like royalty and I think they are amazing! This year I am going to try some obstacle course work to challenge the kids. I hope you will follow along in my blog as I update it. I haven't uploaded pictures in the past, but hope to get them online or on a CD this year. The kids love their machine inventions and take pictures just like proud parents. Here are some Lego web sites I have used.
My Lego Logo page
YouTube Tutorial