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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

This will be the first Mother's Day without my mom and I foolishly made plans to go to Florida with a friend. I thought it would be good to get away. Things had gotten difficult after her death and I though some time on the beach would help. As Mother's Day approaches, I realize what I want most is to be home with my kids for Mother's Day. Well, there's always next year, maybe. My kids have reached adulthood. They have lives of their own, and may or may not be in the area next year. So I dedicate this blog post to them. Joshua, Colin, and Kim, Colin's wife Lynette, and their kids Adeline, Violet and Anshu. You are my blessings beyond measure. My selfish desire to have kids led to the most wonderful aspect of my life and I thank God for all of you. I loved your baby years, Josh, Colin and Kim. Josh would say "Lights" at Christmas when he was six months old, talk to Colin as I changed his diaper, pop up his happy face in the morning when he saw me. Colin had the most infectious giggle when raspberries were blown on his tummy, would roll from place to place because he was too roly poly to crawl, watched me read to Josh while he nursed. I played with Kim's curly hair as I nursed her, watched "thunder thighs" in her Jump-Up being encouraged to jump wildly by her brothers, enjoyed her sensitivity to the feminine things in my life. And that's just the early years! Now I have a daughter-in-law who researches everything before she makes decisions about the kids, grandchildren who are too beautiful to believe, and every one of them gifted without conceit. Adeline is quiet, pensive and always taking everything in, then states her opinion with aplomb. Violet is full of life and spirit, great fun, and affectionate. Anshu is a surprise miracle. I knew my granddaughters would be miracles, but I had no idea an adopted child would have the same effect! He is alert and sensitive, studying everything going on around him. I love you all this Mother's Day and I miss you. I promise I'll never leave on this holiday again! My best Mother's Day gift ever was my son Colin. Have a wonderful birthday and I will see you when I get back!