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Saturday, December 14, 2013

One Feminist Reviews "Frozen"

Disney is still in the running for good entertainment. After years of criticism for princesses who are dependent on a kiss from a handsome prince, they have really made an effort to address stereotypes in their latest creation, "Frozen." The movie was stunning, with beautiful graphics and a princess that knew what a fractal is. The story line was excellent, with a glimpses into relationships and how important we are to each other. I have just a few small items to suggest for the next film.

    1. Can we have princesses that do not wear high heels? Have you guys ever worn them for an evening? They are not recommended wear for climbing mountains. Seriously, take a look at women's mountain boots. 2. People whose eyes take up 1/3 of their face are kinda cute, but not realistic. The animation in this film was so good, I sometimes forgot I was watching an animation. Except for those eyes. 3. Girls don't show equality to boys by hitting them. I really don't know any female that would throw a punch if she weren't being attacked. 4. Can we have a queen without eye makeup? Look at some of the queens in the world today. Even those that do wear eye makeup do not look like they are vamps.

These constructive criticisms are meant as encouragement. You are getting close! Now if you can get some women in your creative company, you may not have to make any adjustments.