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Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Poem for Farmers

When will this stop happening?!
Nine-year old boy dies in farm accident

Last May I wrote a poem about three boys who were involved in a grain bin tragedy. It's time to join Grain Handling Safety Coalition.

Here is my poem:

We Will Appeal

Mount Carroll, Illinois, July 28, 2010

Young Wyatt arrives early at the grain bin,
excited about his new job.
The boss sends him and three other boys 
to the top of the bin to break up moldy corn.
With no training, they don’t know the danger,
don’t know what to do in an emergency.
Wyatt falls in.
Two hundred thousand bushels of corn
suck him down, screaming.
Alejandro (on his first day) and William
jump in to save Wyatt.
As they sink, they face each other, hold hands
and pray for their families and Wyatt.
After Will feels Alejandro’s hands go limp,
he waits six hours to be rescued.
With training, it might have been prevented.
The court ruling finds the grain bin company
responsible for the deaths.

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