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Monday, September 10, 2012

Am I a Quilting Blogger or a Blogging Quilter?

One of the benefits of having a blog is that you have a platform to expound your ideas. One of the drawbacks is that you need to post regularly if you want people to read it. I completed two surveys today and put that I blog about my quilting, but I really haven't blogged about quilting yet! You may have seen some of my quilting pictures, but I have not finished anything yet this year. I've focused in on only working on three projects at once, which is fewer than usual. I am finishing a "Crappy Scrappy" quilt, also known as "Do you even think about color?" which is what my daughter said when she saw it. It's a crayon quilt with delectable mountains for a border. For some reason, I decided to machine quilt it at home using a pattern from a Japanese art book. The stitches, which are supposed to look like pine needles, look like green chicken tracks. It sits in my living room because I only need a week to finish it. This was set up at the beginning of June, after my retirement party. It's hard to finish something when you are not proud of it. But it will be warm. I used the last of my thick polyester batting, which is why it is hard to machine quilt pine needles on it. Did I mention that the silk thread is dark green on a light green cotton? Every mistake shows! I have increased my sewing - a group at church that meets twice a month and the Northwest Suburban Quilt Guild bee, meetings, workshops, and retreats. Slowly, I am improving. I think I am going to get sick of it at some point, but I never do. I just love to look at all the possibilities.

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