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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Worlds of Wisdom and Wonder

It's just about time for my summer job to begin. I get excited about going to work at the Center for Gifted. The kids are happy to be there and want to learn what I am teaching. They take whatever I teach them and go to new heights with it. The staff treats me like royalty and I think they are amazing! This year I am going to try some obstacle course work to challenge the kids. I hope you will follow along in my blog as I update it. I haven't uploaded pictures in the past, but hope to get them online or on a CD this year. The kids love their machine inventions and take pictures just like proud parents. Here are some Lego web sites I have used.
My Lego Logo page
YouTube Tutorial

1 comment:

2ndfiddle said...

Sounds great, Linda. It sure is nice to love your job, but even better to have the people you work with appreciate you. You deserve it!