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Saturday, May 8, 2010

North Park University Loses Expert on Middle East

The Chicago area is losing one of the foremost experts on the Middle East, Donald E. Wagner. His book, Dying in the Land of Promise, opened my eyes to the plight of Palestinian Christians. Apparently, North Park has not renewed his contract and the students are distraught. My grandfather was a minister in the Swedish Covenant Church, and I think he would be appalled at the actions of the Swedish Covenant University. We need a reasoned look at what is occurring in the Middle East. Here is a man who has gone there many times, talked to all factions of the residents, and has some ideas on what needs to be done to end the bloodshed. Palestinians think he is pro-Israeli and Israelis think he is pro-Palestinian. The fact is that he is neither. He genuinely wants to call attention to the new leaders arising in the Middle East who are working for peace. Will we ever be able to find resolution among the people of the Middle East if we can't even discuss it here in Chicago? Shame on you, North Park!

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