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Sunday, January 18, 2009


For me, almost all of my learning occurs for two reasons: either I want to learn something or I have to learn something to make my life easier. My learning at work this year has been monumental, almost equal to the learning I undertook as a single parent, taking coursework in Learning Disabilities, Gifted Education, and Technology in Education. This year, I have learned how to use Guided Reading groups, Project Read phonics lessons, Balanced Math curriculum, behavior reinforcement systems for elementary-aged students, and social skill curricula. As a presenter at the ICE conference, I am already learning more about Assistive Technology. Although my experience with its use in Early Childhood qualifies me as more than just a beginner, I am exploring what is out there to make sure I am updated on the latest trends. I will just be presenting on some very simple things teachers can do to make their lives easier by meeting students' needs, but it gives me the opportunity to catch up on the latest information since I last took Donna Wakefield's great class at National-Louis University. I have created a Wiki for posting resources(see sidebar).

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